Solidaritès Jeunesses, progetti in Francia

L’associazione partner francese, Solidarités Jeunesses,  cerca volontari/e  da coinvolgere in progetti di lungo termine con 2 diversi programmi:  Servizio Volontario Europeo e Servizio Civile Francese.

Tutti i progetti attivi hanno la possibilità di coinvolgere i volontari/e nei diversi programmi tenendo in considerazione le condizioni di partecipazione che ognuno di essi richiede:

Servizio volontario Europeo/ESC: Età richiesta 18/30 anni, vitto e alloggio saranno coperti dal progetto e il volontario/a riceveranno un pocket money mensile di circa 180€. Sarà richiesta una partecipazione per un periodo di 12 mesi

Servizio Civile Francese: Età richiesta 18/25 anni, il volontario/a riceveranno un pocket money mensile di circa 473€. Vitto e alloggio saranno a carico del volontario/a per un costo di 200€ mensili. Sarà richiesta una partecipazione per un periodo variabile, 6, 8 0 10 mesi

Per i progetti: LE CRENEAU, VIRVOLT, LE FAI e BEAUMOTTE si cercano volontari/e da coinvolgere a partire da Febbraio 2019
Per i progetti: Bateleurs, CITRUS, REV, Vaunièrs, Sem&Vol, si cercano volontari/e da coinvolgere a partire da Settembre 2019

Project: Beaumotte 

Proposed activities for  volunteers:
Throughout their placement the volunteer has the opportunity to discover a simple form of life in rural settings. Meeting other international volunteers, or people who are victims of exclusion as well as with the local population will enrich their experience in this the project.
The experience of our structure remains in the field of social and personal learning, where volunteers can develop social aptitudes and technical skills at the same time; where young people can bring their cravings to experiment and share with others; where the inhabitants of the centre support themselves in practising their citizenship skills by building a framework of rules for respect, and during the moments of evaluation and collective organization.

Project: Les Villages des Jeunes – La Ferme du Faï 

Proposed activities for volunteers:
The volunteers are part of the permanent team who runs the project throughout the year. They are involved transversely in all the actions that are carried out by the association.
The volunteers can be involved in specific activities and it will depend of his/her position:

1 Civique Service a  La Ferme du Faï  

2 SVE a La Ferme du Fai

Proposed activities for  volunteers:
The  volunteers have a fundamental role in the heart of our organisation:
They participate in the proposed activities in the same way as the hosted public who is involved in our actions
They are in charge, in teams or individually, to prepare and organise several activities.
They have responsibilities in the daily management of the hosting centre.
They carry an international added value in the actions that we organise with the local population.
They contribute to social and cultural learning of people with difficulties who are at the core of our actions.
Here are some examples of activities the volunteers can get involved into:
artistic, musical, hand-craft, culinary workshops or games, proposed to the people we host regularly (youth with fewer opportunities, unemployed people, trainees…)
artistic, musical, hand-craft, culinary workshops or games, proposed to the people of local social centres, schools, elderly centres, centres for disabled people…
renovation activities in the hosting centre of the association (along with the other people we host), or in the neighbouring villages.
management of the daily tasks in the centre
leading international workcamps in summer
outside activities : gardening, looking after the animals, planting flowers…

Proposed activities for volunteers:
The organization of Vir’volt, Solidarités Jeunesses Ile de France is the local branch of a national movement: Solidarités Jeunesses. It has the same values as the national movement. Beside the aims of peace that are expressed by our international and national movement, there is a strong will to commit ourselves to local development.
To reach its aims, the association uses the following tools:
The organisation of international workcamps (short and long term), organising projects of general interest in or around the hosting centre.
The organisations hosts different groups, (schools, social centres, but also free leisure time groups…) .
The organisation of trainings, seminars and different activities which support the learning process of the participants.
We send volunteers abroad, on international workcamps, medium and long term voluntary service, or trainings and seminars.
The development of cultural projects for young people with local partners
The organisation and participation in activities regarding social, economical and professional inclusion.
The organization of activities for young people with fewer opportunities, including preparations and sending volunteering in France and abroad.

Project: La maison des Bateleurs
Proposed activities for  volunteers:
The volunteer comes with the will to share a collective life (preparation of the meal, washing up the dishes, cleaning of the house…) but also to do workcamps with the objective to train himself and to learn manual techniques, a foreign language, as well as a will to take responsibilities at different levels and to explore creative and artistic activities… The volunteer takes part in the development of associative project. Moreover the volunteer gets the opportunity if he is willing to, to develop a personal project which fits in the context and the collective project of the organisation. It is important for him to evaluate his interests, his objectives, his limits as well as what he still needs to accomplish to reach his goals. This approach is a recurrent tool of our philosophy aiming to concretely build peace through responsibilization and supporting the independence for an active citizenship.The activities organized with the volunteers are mainly workcamps and activities of local development around artistic
projects. A lot of the organised activities take place at La Maison des Bateleurs but some are also organised in Montendre, in the neighbouring towns or with others associations. The rhythm of a month includes technical trainings on renovation projects (masonry, carpentry, woodwork…) or on educational projects about sustainable development (organic garden, green building, etc.). The participation in or the development of various activities such as French courses, artistic, musical workshops according to the propositions and the competences of each of the inhabitant of the hosting centre and of people who intervenes in it.

Project: Les Villages des Jeunes -Vaunières
Proposed activities for volunteers:
The volunteers are part of the permanent team who runs the project throughout the year. They are involved transversely in all the actions that are carried out by the association.
They help with the management of the centre, orientate and inform the newcomers, lead some activities and facilitate interactions and cultural exchanges between the very different people who come at le Faï.
The volunteers can be responsible for specific activities:
Promote the preservation of the environment so that the residents act responsibly: saving water (the centre is totally provided with natural springs of water), saving energy, recycling
Take care of the garden, the animals
Organise debates amongst the volunteers, projections, intercultural presentations, international meals with the local community etc.
Promote international voluntary service and international workcamps to young people
Organise activities such as sports, dance and music
Organise outings to discover the rural environment: visits to local producers and local events (village celebrations, festivals, concerts)
Help with the internal and external communication of the association: update the internet site (photographs, volunteer’s blog)
Help with the administrative management : translation, statistics, illustration of reports

Proposed activities for  volunteers:
The volunteer participates in the different activities of the association, being a member of a group of 6 to 8 young European and other volunteers.
He/she works 30 hours per week on the long term work camp. The manual work can be masonry, indoor constructions, gardening, etc.
He/she learns to use certain techniques of construction, renovation, etc.
He/she participates in the organisation of every-day life, kitchen, cleaning, managing the budget for groceries and for leisure activities which is a collective responsibility of all the inhabitants.
He/she has the possibility to take part in different local activities, work in school with the teachers, do theatre, animations, … This will allow him/her to discover the environment he/she lives in.
He/she will open up to other cultures, social, political, economic systems
He/she practises a kind of intelligent tourism by discovering the region through its geographical and culinary richness as well as through its sociopolitical complexity
He/she learns or improves the French language in every day life and in language classes
The role of the volunteer is to give a European/international as well as voluntary and dynamic dimension to local projects in order to mobilise the local population and to make them become actors of the communal life.
Usual planning (changes are made due to special activities and the volunteers’ projects): Approximately one week end per month an associative activity is realised: a moment where all members can meet and open to the local population (information are given on posters or the monthly
review of the village).

Proposed activities for  volunteers:
Citrus welcomes long term, medium term and short-term international volunteers from European and International Voluntary Service.We also cater for teenagers and young adults in individual or group stays.In the context of the fight against exclusion, Citrus organizes projects called ‘insertion’ for people in social and / or professional difficulties. All our activities are in direct contact with the local population, in a spirit of sharing and exchange. In summer, Citrus hosts groups of international volunteers (about 15 people) who will participate in restoration works (walls, paths …) for 3 weeks. We work for the general interest of a local authority or a municipality. A large garden located on the site of the “Mayounelle” is grown by volunteers. This is both an educational tool to the environment but also a resource for organic vegetables for a healthy diet volunteers. Gardening workshops are held regularly with the children of the recreation centre and the villagers. Promotion of volunteering To promote volunteering and international projects to a wider audience, Citrus holds regular stalls in academic forums, fairs’ summer jobs etc … You’ll surely have an opportunity to participate and make you want to go on workcamps with other young people, throughout your experience!

Project: Sem&Vol

Proposed activities for  volunteers: The hosted volunteers come with the desire to experience community life (sharing responsabilities:
cooking the meals, washing up, housework …) but also to discover new activities with concrete learning objectives – for example, in manual, technical and linguistic apprenticeship.
We encourage volunteers to take on responsability at different levels and we foster the learning of organisational and logistics skills; we also offer the possibility of exploring creative and artistic activities
which can be used in workshops where people can express themselves verbally, corporally and/or artistically.
In this way, the volunteers will be actively involved in the development of our associative project and our activities. They will be given the opportunity, if they wish to, to develop a personal project in keeping with and in relation to the collective project.
Thus it is important for everyone to identify the needs and to assess the interests as well as the objectives to be reached. In this way, we seek to empower and guide the volunteers towards a certain
amount of autonomy and active citizenship.
The activities organised with the volunteers will primarily be workcamp related activities and local development actions, particularly artistic and cultural projects.
Many of these activities will take place in the volunteers‘ accomodation premises or in the host village but also in neighbouring villages and throughout the Dordogne department


Come candidarsi ai progetti?

Per candidarti invia CV+lettera motivazionale a e specificando il progetto per cui ti candidi.

Per i progetti che inizieranno a Febbraio sarà possibile candidarsi entro il 12 Gennaio 2019, per i progetti di Settembre entro Luglio 2019.

Ai volontari  selezionati sarà richiesto di iscriversi a Lunaria.