Volontariato in Finlandia!

I partner dell’associazione finlandese ALLIANSSI, cercano 6 volontari/e da coinvolgere in 4 diversi progetti di lungo termine supportati dal programma Europeo Erasmus+, con partenza da febbraio 2019 per la durata di 7/8 mesi.


I progetti si svolgeranno in diverse comunità e la lingua richiesta per lo svolgimento delle attività sarà l’inglese, seguono maggiori info sui singoli progetti:

Project 1: ESC Volunteers in Peräpohjolan Opisto in Lapland

Period of volunteering : February – July/August 2019 

Number of volunteers : 2

Project: Peräpohjolan Opisto is a seasoned, independent folk high school which was founded already in 1901. It locates in a traditional, scenic landscape of Tornio Kiviranta by the famous free flowing Tornio River. Close proximity to the Swedish border offers wide range of cultural opportunities to our students. Peräpohjolan Opisto provides education, vocational training and additional training in the fields of education and guidance sector. You can study a profession, complete basic education or just individual courses. Our personnel consists of 20 people and 3 of them will be working with the ESC volunteer. Currently we have approximately 250 to 280 students, most of them are young adults.. Peräpohjolan Opisto also has a substance- and smoke-free student dormitory which accommodates up to 32 persons. Volunteers will be accommodated at the student dormitory in 1-2 persons per room. Meals are served at school canteen so different diets can be taken into consideration. We hope that our volunteers could organize activities and instruct our students living in a dormitory. S/he could also work with education export by building a network to her/his own home country. Our volunteers are also welcome to participate in Finnish language and culture education. The position is suitable for any young person aged 18-30 with fluent English skills, hence the common working language will be English. Of course we are also open for discussion to the volunteer´s own ideas of her/his work. We wish our volunteer is a sociable and has a positive attitude. The volunteer should also be tolerant and has an ability to work with different cultures. We would like to have a short interview with the possible volunteers, so Skype address would be highly appreciated. School website http://www.ppopisto.fi

Project 2 : ESC volunteer positions in Kanneljarvi Folk High School

Period of volunteering : February-August 2019

Number of volunteers : 2

Project: Kanneljärvi Folk High School is a vocational institute with a wide range of educational services to provide.The range of study programmes in Kanneljärvi Folk High School consists of the upper secondary vocational degree in Youth and Leisure Instruction, further qualification degree in Special Needs Instruction for Children, additional basic education and adult education studies i.e. Art studies. In addition to the above mentioned Kanneljärvi Folk High School also provides studies in Finnish language and culture for immigrant students. Kanneljärvi Institute also has a student dormitory and the extra-curricular activities provided for the students form a basis for an expanded pedagogical view. Kanneljärvi Folk High School is situated 60 kilometers from Helsinki. Our personnel consists of 30 people and of those 30 approximately 3-4 individuals will be working with the ESC volunteer. These individuals work or otherwise influence in the field of youth and leisure instructing and therefore are well equipped to be involved in voluntary work. The instructor working in the dormitory will also be participating in the voluntary work. All together we have 350 students, of those students 100 lives at the dormitory during the weeks. In Our dormitory is not allow to use any intoxicant so we insist that our volunteer respect these rules. We hope that our volunteer could organize activities and instruct students who are dormitory residents. The activities can be for example: sport activities, culture activities, volunteer own culture club, household activities etc. If volunteer have will to do gardening activities we can also arrange that kind of work. Volunteer can also do kitchen and tidying/maintenance activities. Volunteer can also participate trips and camps what we are doing with our students. Volunteer can participate Finnish language and culture course. The position is suitable for any young person aged 18-30, also youngsters who have economic challenges or immigrant background. Our work language will mainly be English. We are open to discuss with the volunteer what kind of work she/he would like to /can do. After that we make a concrete plan of voluntary service. Volunteer will stay at the student dormitory. The rooms are double rooms shared by 2 persons. We have food services for our school and we can pay attention for different diets. We hope that our volunteer can do activities with young people and we are also hope that she/he is sociable and positive person. Our school is also multicultural so volunteer must have tolerance and ability to work with different cultures. Our school is not unobstructed so unfortunately we cannot provide place volunteer who is in a wheelchair. Driving license is not obligatory. Remember to give us your skype address. More information on the school: http://www.kannelopisto.fi


Project 3: ESC for Finnish Basketball Hall of Fame in Heinola and Lahti

Period of volunteering : February- July/August 2019

Number of volunteers : 1

Description of the project: Finnish Basketball Hall of Fame consists missions about: Museum and Exhibition work, Alumniactivities and Hall of Fame gallery. We have two small exhibitions; located in town of Heinola and Kisakallio Sport Center ( Lohja) and also movable exhibition. Finnish Basketball Hall of Fame is focusing to be society museum for all Finnish basketball communities and persons. Next year (2019) Finnish Basketball Federation celebrates 80th birthday and Basketball museum is planning to organise basketball poster exhibition, which is on tour at least 3 different places. There will be also virtual reality game on tour. Heinola YMCA is local basketball team in town of Heinola. There is players aged from 6 year old to seniors, about 150 together. Heinola is located about 130 km from Helsinki, and 30 km from Lahti. Heinola YMCA is Museum’s partner in this volunteer project. In the Museum organisation Mr Jari Toivonen (Director of Finnish Basketball Hall of Fame) is working alone for Museum. He manages the volunteer project and takes responsibility of big picture. Volunteer work with him related to Museum tasks. Mr Vesa Hämäläinen (CEO, YMCA Heinola) takes responsibility in Heinola about volunteers wellbeing and teaching about basketball coaching, responsibilities and also about Heinola area. And there are many coaches willing to help volunteer. Accommodation is in town of Heinola near YMCA Training Center. There is own private room for volunteer (shared bathroom). It’s also possible to stay 1-2 nights/week in town of Lahti living in Basketball Museum’s office room. That possibility gives more choices to get to know Lahti Basketball organisation and travel less between Heinola and Lahti. Lahti is bigger town than Heinola. And it gives possibility to get known better Finnish way of life.There will be one meal served daily in Lahti or Heinola. And there is possibility to cook own food in both places. Transportation is public transportation (bus ticket).Volunteer can participate at Finnish language and culture education once a week in Heinola or Lahti. We hope that our volunteer would be interested in basketball culture, be positive, sociable and reliable, be ready to do activities with children and could work independently. The tasks can be for example sport activities, culture activities, exhibition workshops, activating social media in Museum of Basketball, helping making exhibitions, digitalising museum materials, monitoring open-gym practices, assist coach in basketball trainings, helping tournament-organisations, etc… The position is suitable for any young person aged 18-30, BUT we are not able to guarantee accessibility and/or special help for disabled persons due to buildings, stairs and transportation options. Our work language will mainly be Finnish (especially in Basketball trainings), but with volunteer we use English. We are open to discuss with the volunteer what kind of work she/he would like to /can do. We would like to have short interview with skype so please give us your skype address. More information: Lahti:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lahti Heinola: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinola https://www.heinola.fi/frontpage Museum of Basketball (in Finnish): www.koripallomuseo.fi YMCA Heinola (in Finnish): http://www.ymcaheinola.fi/

Project 4 : ESC volunteer position in IKKO Folk High School in Punkaharju

Period of volunteering : February – August 2019

Number of volunteers : 1

Project: The host organization Ikko is a modern, non-political and non-religious folk high school offering both general and vocational education for Finnish and immigrant students and groups throughout the year. We also host special target groups such as students with special needs as well as young asylum seekers. Punkaharju folk high school is located in rural area in eastern Finland, so the volunteer should feel comfortable with living in a small community far from city lights, preferably being young people who enjoy environment and outdoor activities. The project is suitable for young person without much experience of international exchanges, but he/she needs to able to communicate in English in sufficient level. The volunteer should be motivated to learn, to adapt, to propose ideas, take initiative and open to discover other cultures and work in a multicultural environment. The ESC volunteer will plan and organise activities such as various workshops related to for example arts, culture, languages, computers, cooking, sports, music, games and other topics depending on the skills and interests of the volunteer and the students. About half of the students in the folk high schools are from immigrant origin.The students attend different courses and degrees, some join for short term courses, some stay a full year. Most of the students are young adults, 18-30 years old. In general, the volunteer will work in co-operation and under guidance of folk high school staff: -Preparing, organizing and assisting in various afternoon and evening activities for the residential students such as different workshops, events, cooking clubs, arts and crafts, sports activities, volunteer actions etc. -Activating the students to take part in leisure time program. – Supporting in practical and maintenance tasks in the folk high school when needed – Disseminating information on European Union, especially European Solidarity Corps and encouraging students to try out European mobility programs and co-leading international volunteer camps and groups especially in summer and vacation periods -Acting as intercultural messenger encouraging the students with different ethnic backgrounds to co-operate together and make everyone feel welcome to join all the activities. The volunteer in encouraged to carry out own ideas, own projects such as running a workshop on some topic of her /his hobby or expertise ( sport, language, handicraft, music, for example). The volunteer will spend time with the folk high school students, to socialize with them and co-organize leisure time activities during the working hours. Volunteer will stay at the student dormitory in a double room. There are about 150 residents at the school. The school offers breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, so the ESC volunteer has all the meals prepared. The volunteer is expected to do activities with young people so t would be useful to be a sociable and positive person, who loves outdoor and nature. The school is multicultural so volunteer should be interested and able to work with people from different cultures. More information on the hosting organisation www.ikko.fi

Come candidarsi ai progetti?

Per candidarti invia CV+lettera motivazionale + ESC-application-form a hakemukset@alli.fi, specificando il progetto per cui ti candidi, entro il 18 Dicembre 2018.

Per il progetto IKKO Folk High School in Punkaharju è ancora possibile candidarsi, selezioni aperte e partenza del progetto a metà febbraio!

Ai  partecipanti selezionati sarà richiesto di  iscriversi a Lunaria.