Servizio Civile francese: a Parigi con SJ

 sj servizio civile francese10 mesi a Parigi da volontari in Servizio Civile francese per supportare il lavoro di una ONG

I nostri amici dell’associazione francese, Solidarites Jeunesses cercano 1 volontario/a internazionale da coinvolgere nel Servizio Civile francese.
Il volontario/a sarà coinvolto nell’attività dell’associazione nella sede centrale di Parigi per un progetto di dieci mesi a partire da Settembre 2018.


Solidarités Jeunesses who is a french youth, non-formal education and community development association. It organises short and long-term international workcamps, actions of social integration, training activities, international solidarity actions and runs small community centres in rural environments.
Through these actions Solidarités Jeunesses aims to promote:
– The voluntary participation of all, particularly young people and those in socially disadvantaged situations, in local, national and international life.
– Local development that takes into concern the needs of the indsj servizio civile franceseividual, the environment and the cultural heritage.
– The breaking down of barriers between generations, cultures and nations.
– A concrete construction of peace through intercultural exchanges and reciprocity.

Solidarités Jeunesses has a national office in Paris and 8 regional associations.
They bring together people – young and old, local representatives, social workers – who want to put in common their aspirations for a harmonious development of their region and who would like to find, within a national and international movement, an opening, a richness, exchanges, and reflections.
Solidarités Jeunesses is cooperating internationally with volunteering networks : Coordinating Commitee for International Voluntary Service and the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations.


1.Promote volunteering
2.Collect and spread the experiences of volunteers through social media

3.Organise and participate in different events (forums, 3.festivals, debates etc.)

4.Establish contacts and do promotion in educational establishements

5.Be actively engaged in the life of National Secretariat of Solidarités Jeunesses

6.Participate in workcamp in France in September or October
7.Lead a workcamp in 2019 in France


Profile of the volunteer

The eligibility criteria :

– be under 25 years old;

– come from one of the European Union countries;

– speak English and French on an intermediate level;

– have some knowledge and experience in social media, communication and management of events for volunteers if possible;

– be interested in volunteering and ready to work in an office.

Preferably this person should already have some notions and understanding of volunteering and non-formal education and it would be a plus if this person has already participated/led one or a few workcamps.


Accommodation:La maison de volontaires
Duration : from 3rd of September – for 10 months – 35hours/week

Come candidarsi al Servizio Civile francese?

Per candidarti al Servizio Civile invia CV+lettera motivazionale (in inglese o francese), specificando   nell’oggetto della e-mail “Service Civique with Solidarités Jeunesesses”, a  e entro il 20 Agosto 2018

Ai partecipanti selezionati sarà richiesto di iscriversi a Lunaria.