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Abbiamo ancora MOLTISSIMI posti a disposizione per  volontari/e in diversi progetti di  volontariato internazionale di breve termine. Attraverso il Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS) di breve periodo sarà possibile partecipare ad un workcamp. Grazie al programma europeo Erasmus+, il/a volontario/a avrà garantito assicurazione, vitto e alloggio, e un rimborso delle spese di viaggio fino  a 275 euro che sarà effettuato solo dopo la presentazione della documentazione di viaggio in originale.

Progetto EVS Francia

2 condizioni per partecipare al progetto EVS-short term

  • età compresa tra i 18-30 anni
  • prima esperienza all’estero

I  progetti si svolgeranno  in Francia con attività di supporto alla  comunità locale, diverse le date di partenza e tante le opportunità di coinvolgimento.

Workcamps-EVS ST in Francia


SJ48 THE LAU MANOR 01/09-22/09 RENO  

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Project: In the centre of the village of Allemans, privileged testimony of a rich local history, the Lau Manor has been altered over time. Without the support the Mayor, the association Patrimoine Allemansois fought to rehabilitate the manor and to make it a living place of exhibitions and cultural animations, in the heart of the community life. For two years, an association has been created to rehabilitate this remarkable building which, with its magnificent octagonal tower with a spiral staircase, its renaissance room with a monumental fireplace and window cushions, all overlooking a pleasant park that includes a stable, a cart and a bread oven, waiting for a little goodwill and a local furore to revive.
Work: With local volunteers, you will participate in the rehabilitation of the manor, according to traditional techniques: making a lime screed in the great renaissance room, sanding and lime plaster.
Leisure activities: During your free time, you will have plenty to enjoy: canoeing, swimming, hiking, markets, concerts…
Accommodations and food: Under tents. Meals will be taken care of, and in return you will have the opportunity to prepare them.
Location: Allemans is 45 km north-west of Perigueux.
Closest train station: Saint-Astier (24110).
Closest airport: Bordeaux.


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Project : Each year, by hosting volunteers and international workcamps, this town of 3000 inhabitants, works to restore its heritage and take part in inter cultural exchanges. Indeed, Montendre hosts one of the international workcamps of Solidarités Jeunesses, the House of Bateleurs. The town wishes to preserve and enhance its castle, an important aspect of their heritage identity. It is in this sense that the municipality has recently set up a walking tour around it. Therefore, the project that has been taking place for the past years will continue.
Work: This year, you will intervene on the restoration of the ramparts of the castle. The objective will be to carry out traditional masonry work : dis joining, digging the joints and joining them with lime mortar. You will also perform some repairs on the ramparts such as replacing stones and rebuilding parts of the stone walls.
Accommodation and food: In dormitories in the international reception centre, La Maison des Bateleurs. Food ingredients will be provided and in exchange you will take care of preparing your meals.
Location: Montendre, Charente Maritime, 65 km from Bordeaux.
Leisure activities: You will participate in the national heritage days (opening of all heritage buildings in France). Tours of the region will be organized collectively according to your desires: visits of cities, ocean, museums, etc. Interactions with the La Maison des Bateleurs will be regularly offered: pizza evening, games evening, etc., So you can discover how the regional delegation of Solidarités Jeunesses works. You will also have the opportunity to exchange your cultural wealth with the inhabitants and associations of Montendre.
Closest train station: Montendre (17130)
Closest airport: Bordeaux-Mérignac


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Project : L’Île d’Aix is a small pedestrian island in the Atlantic Ocean. Marked by an eventful maritime past, this island contains lots of places filled with history, especially the Fort Liedot, built by Vauban and listed as a Historical Monument. The community carries out different actions throughout the year to give life to this site. L’Île d’Aix is a loyal partner to the association Maison des Bateleurs – Solidarités Jeunesses, they have hosted several workcamps throughout the years. The fort includes 3 wall-walks, thanks to previous projects, you can safely visit one of the wall-walks today.
Work: The objective of this workcamp will be to continue the restoration work of Fort Liédot. The workcamp consists of removing vegetation covering from the fort, in order to start the masonry work. You will then have to disjoin and rejoin with lime mortar. The technical supervisor will train you in the traditional masonry techniques, identical to those used during the construction of Fort Liédot. You will also have to take care of the stone walls, by identifying the stones in bad conditions and replacing them.
Accommodation and food: Collectively in the centre of the village. Food ingredients will be provided and in exchange you will have to take care of preparing your meals.
Location: In the middle of the sea! 20Km from Rochefort-sur Mer, Charente Maritime.
Leisure activities: In l’île d’Aix you will be able to enjoy several nautical activities such as fishing and sailing with local clubs. Pleasures like the beach, the bike rides by the ocean, beach volleyball and many more are available for discovery. You can also visit some cities like La Rochelle and Rochefort. The leisure time will encourage the interaction with the inhabitants, who are happy to meet new people.
Closest train station: Rochefort (17300)
Closest airport: Bordeaux-Mérignac


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Project : Located at the doors of the provençal Baronnies, the site of Arzeliers opens onto a small mountain where one can enjoy a wonderful view of the Durance Valley. This old village in ruins, is the birthplace of the Laragne community, where one can still find the remains of a chapel and houses. After many years, the community of Laragne has mobilized itself to revive, maintain, and enhance the remains of the castle of Arzeliers, which is a witness to the rich past of its districts. Since 2013, three international workcamps of young volunteers were organized by the associations of « Les Villages des Jeunes » and « Les amis de l’abbaye de Clausonne » to carry out the community’s goals. Strengthened by its past achievements, the association has offered to oversee the safeguarding work in 2018.
Work : In 2014, a workcamp of young international volunteers strengthened the masonry work of the remains of the arches inside the castle’s chapel. This year, continuing the previous works, you will do masonry work on the existing carved stone. You will also participate in the creation of an area that will be used to make the plaster « à l’ancienne », located in the castle’s site dedicated to the days of heritage. Furthermore, a day open to the public will be the opportunity to invite people who are not involved in the workcamp, and to present the actions and achievements of past workcamps.
Accommodation and food : In tents on the Monéglin campsite, with access to a sanitary block and showers. This campsite also offers wifi, and a swimming pool area with an open space for barbecues. Together, with the help of the leaders, you will take turns preparing the meals in groups, using local products. You will also participate in the community’s chores (clean up and dish-washing).
Location : Laragne (10 km from Sisteron, and 40 km from Gap)
Leisure activities : Meetups with local residents will be organized, and you will have the opportunity to participate in local events, such as the religious festival of Laragne, which starts with extraordinary fireworks show. During your free time, you will have the opportunity to discover Laragne and its region, and enjoy the surrounding nature by walking, swimming, or playing sports.
Closest train station : Laragne (05300). Access via the train stations : Valence TGV, Valence ville, Grenoble, Marseille Saint-Charles.
Closest airports : Marseille Provence, Lyon Saint Exupéry


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Project : It is a world of encounters and exchanges that vibrates with the spirit of the South-west of France! Afternoons are filled with the joy of bowling, (palets gascons), and pétanque games. Le Gers prides itself in being the home of Armagnac, one of the most prestigious alcohols in the world, and the birthplace of D’Artagnan, one of the main characters in The Three Musketeers. Le Gers is also a land of balance between man and nature, so you will be able to discover it both calmly and passionately. For the fourth consecutive year, the international workcamp will take place in Condom, a town that lies on the tracks of the famous Santiago de Compostela trail. Brimming with historical monuments, Condom is the perfect destination for old-stone lovers.
Work : This year, you will participate in the continuing project of renovation of the town stone walls. Accompanied by a municipal employee, that has followed the project since it’s beginning in 2015, you will be in charge of the pointing of the fortified walls along the river.
Accommodation and food : In bungalows on the local camping field.
Location : Condom, located between Agen and Auch.
Leisure activities : You will participate in local festivals, and will have free time to enjoy the surrounding natural and cultural heritage by foot, bike, or canoe, and you will have the opportunity to visit the neighbouring villages such as Agen, Beaumont, Larressingle, and other remarkable sites within the proximity. You will also discover the small valley lights, the colourful scenery, and the local fauna and flora by following the secret passages that will lead you though fortified towns and castles. Last but certainly not least, you will get to meet the local residents.
Closest train station : Agen (47000)
Closest airport : Toulouse



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Project: Built in terraces on the side of the valley, between the castle that dominates and the Dordogne at its feet, the village of Castelnaud la Chapelle is really one of the most beautiful in France! Leave your mark on it by taking part in this workcamp, where the warmth of the meetings will be the reason to get by during the frost of the morning!
Work: Construction of a “calade”, traditional method of paving well adapted to sloping lanes of the village. Sorting, choice and size of stones, earthworks, levelling, laying, mortar…
Leisure: During your free time, you can discover the surroundings: castles, caves… Local associations and locals will be happy to share and share with you friendly moments.
Accommodation and food: In a communal cottage with kitchen and toilets. Meals will be taken care of, and in return you will have the opportunity to prepare them.
Location: Castelnaud is 15 km from Sarlat-la-Canéda.
Closest train station: Sarlat (24200).
Closest airport: Bordeaux-Mérignac.

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