Un Workcamp Speciale come prima esperienza in Grecia!

Abbiamo ancora 1 posto a disposizione per 1 volontario/a in 1 progetto di  volontariato internazionale di breve termine, attraverso il Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS) di breve periodo sarà possibile partecipare ad un workcamp.  Grazie al programma europeo Erasmus+, il/a volontario/a avrà garantito assicurazione, vitto e alloggio, e un rimborso delle spese di viaggio fino  a 275 euro.

Progetto EVS Francia

2 condizioni per partecipare al progetto EVS-short term

  • età compresa tra i 18-30 anni
  • prima esperienza all’estero

I progetti si svolgeranno in Grecia e tutti con tema sociale,  la partenza sarà a fine giugno e i volontari/e saranno coinvolti in diverse attività di supporto  per giovani con disabilità mentale.

Workcamps-EVS ST in Francia

ELIX05 SUMMER IN THE CITY I MAGOULA 29/06/2018 – 14/07/2018

Volunteers participating in the workcamp will host children (6-12 years old) during their free summer time and organise a fun and divert daily schedule. They will organize athletic activities, workshops, artistic events, theatrical plays, environmental and cross-cultural education and much more. Volunteers will work with children from Monday to Friday from 8:00H to 15:00H. The first Sunday of the workcamp will be a training and introduction necessary for the following weeks. Some afternoons will be used to prepare activities for the kids for the following days. The daily activity program for the children will be fixed by a team of pedagogues and introduced to the group of volunteers on the first Sunday of the workcamps. The pedagogues will be present throughout the programme.

ELIX will organize for the seventh consecutive year this type of workcamps. The workcamps aim to support families that encounter difficulties, by providing their children the opportunity to spend a quality summer time at school through creative activities.

Magoula is part of the municipality Elefsina. It is located 2 km east of Mandra, 5 km north of Elefsina and 21 km northwest of central Athens. In recent years, following the expansion and implementation of a modern city planning plan and the contribution of major infrastructure projects in Attica, it is fortunate to be at a particular hub, located closed to the city of Elefsina, but keeping the elements of the countryside, which is why it is considered by many to be the ideal suburb of residence. On the Hill of the prophet Elijah, in which several attempts have been made to create greenery and redevelopment, there is the homonymous temple and cafeteria overlooking the entire Thriasio field. The Temple of the Ascension of the Savior and St. Demetrius dates back to the 17th – 18th centuries in the central square of the city. The church of Agios Dimitrios suffered significant damage from the 1999 earthquake and was recently repaired by donations of the faithful, under the supervision of the Archaeological Service.

Volunteers will be accommodated in a primary school near in the small town of Magoula. The accommodation is basic but adequate; volunteers will sleep on the floor in the classrooms of the school. Sleeping bags and carry mats are necessary. There are toilets, showers (no hot water) and cooking facilities at the school. Everyday two different volunteers from the group, in shifts, will be responsible for maintaining the group accommodation place clean, as well as for the preparation of all the meals for the group of volunteers.

ELIX is looking for volunteers that enjoy working with children and will support the daily activity program. The volunteers are invited to bring games, songs, ideas, instruments and crafts for the activities with the children Due to nature of the workcamp a motivation letter from the volunteer is needed, in order for us to learn more about the volunteer, her/his ideas and motivation for this workcamp. All the accepted volunteers have to provide ELIX with the original Certificate of Good Conduct.

Se hai sempre pensato all’opportunità di partire ma non hai mai concretizzato non aspettare, per maggiori informazioni chiamaci  in sede (068841880) o scrivici una e-mail a volo@lunaria.org il prima possibile!

Una volta selezionati, ai partecipanti sarà chiesto di iscriversi a Lunaria!