EVS a Vienna con Melange!

A Vienna come volontario SVE per supportare i progetti del nostro partner austriaco, Grenzenlos e la rete Melange.

sve Vienna

Siamo alla ricerca di  volontari/e da coinvolgere in diversi progetti SVE a Vienna.

I progetti impegneranno i volontari in ambito sociale e con i bambini. L’inizio del servizio è previsto da Settembre 2018 con durata che varia dai 6 ai 12 mesi.

sve a vienna con melange
Clicca qui  per accedere alle descrizioni dei progetti SVE e alle modalità di candidatura

I progetti si focalizzano su diverse tematiche, dal supporto ai rifugiati, educazione ai bambini, al supporto a persone con disabilità.

>> Volunteering in Children Groups
Duration: 01.09.2018-30.06.2019 (10 Months)
Number of Volunteers:9
Project Description
Volunteering in children groups
Kindergruppe Butterbrot (Kindergarden)
Kindergruppe BOKU (Kindergarden)
Kindergruppe Farbklecks (Kindergarden)
Kindergruppe Amerlinghaus (Kindergarden)
Kindergruppe Teddybär (Kindergarden)
Kiriku (After-School Centre)
StudentInnenkinderhort (After-School Centre)
Kinderinitiative “Goldrichtig” (After-School Centre)
Ätsch School (Alternative Schooling)

>> Volunteering in Social Projects
Potential Youth
Duration: 01.09.2018-31.08.2019 (12 Months) // 05.01.2019 – 04.07.2019 (6 Months)
Number of Volunteers:2
Project Description
Full Description
Potential Youth is a project for young people between 15 and 21 years with special educational needs. The aim is to integrate them in the labour market.  They are working in groups up to seven people with a constant trainer. Potential Youth coaches about 30 youths each year.

Caritas WG Refugio
Duration: 05.01.2019-04.01.2020 (12 Months)
Number of Volunteers:1
Project Description
Full Description
The Caritas WG Refugio provides accommodation and care for 16 unaccompanied minor refugees in a surrounding that envisions being as much family like as possible. The boys and girls are between 14 and 18 years old and have all applied for asylum in Austria.

Duration: 01.10.2018-30.09.2019 (10 Months)
Number of Volunteers: 1
Project Description
Full description
We are a home for people with physical and/or mental disabilities. We are located in Vienna, 17th district and organized in three locations for assisted living in form of flat sharing communities.

*peppa – Intercultural Girls Centre
Duration 01.09.2018-31.08.2019 (12 Months)
Number of Volunteers:1
Project Description
Full Description
*peppa is a project of the Caritas Archdiocese Vienna. It offers a space exclusively for immigrant, refugee and Austrian girls and young woman for recreational activities, intercultural dialogue and mutual acquaintance.

H2 Youth Centre
Duration: 01.10.2018-30.06.2019 (9 Months)
Number of Volunteers :1
Project Description:
Full Description
H2  is  a  youth  centre  located  in  St.Pölten,  capital  of  the  Austrian  province  Lower  Austria  (60km  from Vienna). It ́s a meeting point for youths between the age of 14 to 20 years and opened four  days a week (Tuesday to Friday). Occasionally, there are events on weekends or Mondays.

Invia la tua candidatura a  evs-application@melange.at e volo@lunaria.org specificando nell’oggetto il titolo del progetto SVE  il prima possibile.

Ai partecipanti selezionati  sarà richiesto di iscriversi a Lunaria.


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