Un Workcamp Speciale come Prima Esperienza all’estero!

Abbiamo la possibilità di far partecipare 3 volontari/e in 3 diversi progetti di  volontariato internazionale di breve termine, attraverso il Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS) di breve periodo. Grazie al programma europeo Erasmus+, i volontari avranno garantito assicurazione, vitto e alloggio, e un rimborso delle spese di viaggio fino  a 275 euro.

Progetto EVS Francia

2 condizioni per partecipare al progetto EVS-short term

  • età compresa tra i 18-30 anni
  • prima esperienza all’estero

I progetti si svolgeranno in Francia e per ogni uno di essi possiamo inviare un volontario/a. I progetti sono in ambito manuale, piccoli lavoretti che tutti possiamo fare!

SJ17 DISCOVERING THE BOCAGE 03/07/17-23/07/17 
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Project: The community of communes of the Bocage Bourbonnais is engaged in policies of animation and promotion of their territory. Therfore, it organizes a workcamp every year to give volunteers the chance to explore the beautiful region that gave birth to the Bourbon dynasty (king of France during the XVI – XIX centuries). This year, the workcamp will take place in two different towns.
Work: In the first town, Saint Plaisir, you will repair and mark up a walking trail. You will also work on restoring the church’s doors by repainting them with natural ochre paint that you will make beforehand. In the second town, Bourbon l’Archambault, you will clean up a community living-room. The work will consist of building partitions, painting, and you may also participate in the reparation of a dry-stone wall.
Accommodation and food: In multi-purpose rooms of different villages. The food will be provided, and the meals will be prepared by rotating groups of volunteers.
Location: Saint Plaisir and Bourbon l’Archambault located 40 km west of Moulins sur Allier
Leisure activities: You will have the oppotunity to visit and discover the region and all it has to offer: the Trivoli Garden, the medieval fair of Souvigny, and its historical heritage sites. A small bus will be provided for your trips.
Closest train station: Moulins sur Allier (03000).
Closest airport: Paris.


Workcamps-EVS ST in Francia

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Project: Do you wish to discover the rural bourbon lifestyle? If yes, come and immerse yourself in the bocage sud where you are sure to experince a friendly welcome from the beginning! For over 10 years now, the villages of Noyant and Saint Hilaire have been hosting international workcamps, and the local residents eagerly wait each year to meet new volunteers. During this workcamp, the villagers will invite you to visit the mine museum and the buddhist temple, to try the bike-rail, and to share festive and convivial moments with them. The schedule (10 days in each village), will allow you to discover a diverse territory: the territory of Noyant d’Allier that is marked by a significant asian presence, making the village wonderfully diverse and lively, and the more traditional village of Saint-Hilaire.
Work: Starting off at Noyant d’Allier, you will work on the projects that were started last year: renovations at the Musée de la mine, maintenance of old tools, and restoration of the church’s doors. The work will consist of sanding and repainting the doors with natural ochre paint that you will make beforehand. Next, at Saint-Hilaire, you will be introduced to traditional masonry techniques by working on a surrounding wall. The work will consist of cleaning the wall and then repointing it with lime mortar. Finally, an old building situated in the courtyard of the city hall, has to be completely uncovered. So, you will have to redo the framework and cover it in tiles after cleaning them. For the entire workcamp, you will be under the supervision of a professional brick-layer.
Accommodation and food: In the villages’ common rooms. The food will be provided, and the meals will be prepared by rotating groups of volunteers.
Location: Saint Hilaire and Noyant-d’Allier, located 25 km from Moulins-sur-Allier
Leisure activities:This workcamp will give you the opportunity to meet young people of the region, to discover the contryside lifestyle, and to visit touristic places. A small bus will be provided for your trips.
Closest train station: Moulins sur Allier (03000).
Closest airport: Paris.     

CONCF-277 ALBINE 1 – Creation of a biological pond COLOMBIERES-SUR-ORB 09/08 – 30/08

Project: Near the village of Colombières-sur-Orb is the departmental site of the Albine, where you will
create a biological pond. Nearby you’ll find the Gorges of Héric where you can swim and even go kayaking. You can also enjoy this typical landscape to hike.
Work: Your task during this workcamp will be to create a biological pond to enable the spawning of Salientia amphibians (salamanders, newts, frogs).
Accommodation and food: You will be accommodated under tents. Tents will be provided but you can bring your own if you want. The group will be sharing the cleaning chores and preparing meals together.
Location and leisure: Colombières-sur-Orb is located in the Herault County (Region of Occitanie).This village is
located in the canton of Olargues. The volunteers will discover the rich natural heritage of this region and various activities (kayaking, hikes…). For more information: http://www.otcaroux.fr/fr/colombieres-sur-orb.html
Special requirements and remarks:
Please bring working clothes, closed shoes, warm clothes, protection against the sun (hat, glasses, sunscreen) and your swim suit. As the nights can be quite cold, remember also to bring warm clothes and a good sleeping bag and mat. You can also bring recipes from your home country, musical instruments and games.
Meeting Point: Bus stop of Colombières-sur-Orb.
Closest airport: Montpellier, Marseille or Paris.

Se hai sempre pensato all’opportunità di partire ma non hai mai concretizzato non aspettare, per maggiori informazioni chiamaci  in sede (068841880) o scrivici una e-mail a workcamps@lunaria.org il prima possibile!


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