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fiye_szare_internetGli amici di Fiye hanno appena lanciato una call per uno progetto di Servizio Volontario Europeo:

Theme: work with children with learning difficulties aged 6 – 14

Volunteer’s activities include:
– assisting children during lessons, helping them to draw, write etc.
– helping to organise after-school activities: clubs, school theatres, playing with children, doing homework etc.
– helping to organise excursions and trips.

In June and July the volunteer will have an opportunity to participate in workcamps organised by Jedrus Centre.

 Accommodation and board: the volunteer will be living in a small room on the premises of the boarding school. Meals will be served in the canteen from Monday to Friday, the volunteer will receive cash for weekends.

Pocket money: 85 EUR/month

Project dates: 1st October 2014 – 31st July 2015

Who are we looking for? Volunteer who is sociable, active and have sense of initiative, some artistic or music skills will be helpful.

If inetersted send the application (take it here: application form) to Sylwia Jedra as soon as possible.

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