Cerchiamo una volontaria per lo SVE in Turchia


La municipalità di IZMIT, con cui collaboriamo su scambi e training interculturali, sta cercando una volontaria italiana disposta a vivere 9 mesi in Turchia,  lavorando presso l’asilo comunale, a partire da metà Febbraio. Il progetto prevede un corso di lingua, spese di vitto e alloggio, il 90% dei costi di viaggio. Per inviare le proprie candidature: CV e lettera motivazionale  (in inglese) a

Project environment:
Outline the project environment for the suggested voluntary activities, including the local community where the project will take place (e.g. geographical, social and economical environment). If the host placement is located in a live-in community, please include the rules and conditions that apply also for the volunteer.

Izmit is located in Kocaeli province as a center city and far from Istanbul a hundred Kms . Izmit has mostly known as an industrial city but it is also historical and touristic centre. Izmit lies on strategic position of the Turkey which connects Asia and Europe with a port , has long highways and railways and Kartepe Mountains at the east side in its district. It also still has some ruins of NICOMEDIA from A.C. 284 ; After Rome, Antakya and Iskenderiye ,it’s situated as a fourth big city at that time on Nicomedia city today. In addition to this, there are many modern shopping centre, cafe, theatres and other social clubs in our region.

Izmit has dynamic and more active population structure due to young population. Kocaeli University is located near to within city boundaries. So, many activities for the young people in social life such as sports and courses are very common for the young people.

Izmit city has been developing with new challenges as a way for a general integration to the EU. Izmit municipality facilitates many decisions organs to chair their duties and services conferred with other civilian social instutions as a centre municipality .For instance, it faciliates to develop new EU Youth projects on intellectual, cultural shares and etc. that to all people respect in our international project development unit as attending saraybahce project group. This group is established in Izmit municipality own structure, to benefit from young people and their new challenges and ideas in the most effective and efficient manner.
The EVS volunteer will take part in where the child club of Izmit Municipality located in the centre city of Kocaeli. Izmit Child Club is located 10 minutes distance far from the city center very close to Seka Park which is very fascinating. The EVS volunteers will spend 5 days in the child club. It is a 2 stages building has 7 classrooms and garden for outdoor activities.
EVS volunteers can be faciliate Seka Park for outdoor activities during education programme, and will be actively involved in all the social course activities of municipality such as handcraft work, music, language course and etc. selecting within approximately 70 different courses.

The rules that volunteer must obey is committing programme’s working hours, having good relationship with children.
The Project generally aims to present own cultural and artificial values of EU countries.
The volunteers will be get involved in the many activities of youth clubs such as drawn,write,song etc… in the Child Club of Izmit Municipality with teachers implementing in educational technics. He/She will manage educational programme with Child club manager and teachers. Traditional music, culture and meals can be present as a expression of different style of life.
He/she can develop newly learning projects similar to his/her own country as a social activitiy with many tools in child club as well. It is also possible to arrange public events after completed education projects. Final show and animation festivals can be arrenged with parents at the last stage of the youth exchanges & trainings and many other interesting activities in the field of children participation. Preparing brochure, films related with different kind of cultural games can be useful for joining all children in the same platform before getting foreign language communication skills.
The volunteer will communicate with all parent of the children if necessary as well in order to provide mutual understanding of cultural events. Especially, different cultures, traditions and life styles have many characteristics according to the country. So, it is benefical to share it not only with children accurately but also with with all members of the Child Club who are the main behalf of social structure in the development process.
The volunteer will support 6-12 age group children to mainly learn foreign language. The project also aims to create new technics used in Eu countries by using different educational tools.
Young volunteer can also develop his/her abilities in the field of teamworking, entrepreneurial skills with organizational relations by attending project development process in each of the unit of the municipality as well.

Hosting Organization:
Izmit Municipality EVS project is open for any young volunteer candidates between the ages 24 and 30, from Programme Countries, regardless of their origin and background, ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation or political ideas, who are willing to attend to the proposed activities an to the whole duration of the stage.
The profiles of volunteer we would like to have in our organization are below:

High motivated to continuously develop children, as well as themselves in the field of non-formal education; willing to learn more and apply the principles of child development education and cultural learning in the benefit of children and local communities;

open-minded and opened to activities with children and young people in many areas
(outdoor education, social intervention, public participation) ;
having a strong interest in the fields ( child development) described above;
be responsible for his/ her actions;
motivated to develop good communication and social skills;
functional English skills is necessary
Educated in children club and EVS expreinced is an asset.

Sending Organization:
Izmit municipality has many courses in Education&Social Unit such as Development of Enabled People Course. The young people completed trainees in this field want to practise and implement their knowledge with enable people in abroad. So, Izmit Municipality aims to faciliate young educated people to work as a volunteer in EU countries according to the ability and skills of them. We want to corporate with Enabled People Instutions at this point.

There are also many young people unemployed and disadvantaged in our district. Izmit Municipality also aims to support young disadvantaged young people to work in some activities such as sports, musics,etc… We want to get involve these disadvantaged people in EVs project as well. We want corporate with Social Young Centre in EU countries for working in service.
Izmit Municipality faciliates many EVs projects in hosting organization and very experienced. As to sending organization, it is the first year for this kind organization but Izmit Municipality undertakes all the duty and responsibility for the young people in obeying rules accurately in other countires and having necessary personal qualifications as well.

Special needs (if applicable):
If your placements are open to hosting volunteers with fewer opportunities, please provide information about the competence, experience and infrastructure and (human or other) resources available in your organisation to accommodate and support them.

Izmit municipality serves to all local community including all kinds of people such as woman, youth, disadavantaged/ enabled people. In addition to this Izmit Municipality ensures to realize all kinds developmental implementations granted to the Center City municipality. Also, Personnel of Izmit Municipality undertake all social duties and services professionally for the investment aimed respect at human and perform all the activities in this social purpouse.

Izmit Municipality will contact with Foreigner Police Office and Governorship of Kocaeli before volunteer coming to our city. After arriving to the Izmit, we will take him/her to the Izmit Municipality resident Nursery in order to prevent risk of any health problems.
Izmit Municipality will provide a hostel for the volunteer in the city centre which is clean, quiet and safe. The hostel is also near to the hospital and police office.
Working place of the volunteer is also unit of Izmit Municipality so Izmit Municipality gurantees all secural conditions for volunteer in any situation.
The volunteer have the breakfast in hostel which is open buffet and hygiene. The volunteer can eat at lunch in Child Club or outside optional to his/her.

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